January 15, 2010

Christmas Toy Handout

Saturday, December 19th was a big day! The Lord provided sacks of food to families in the morning and then TOYS in the afternoon.

As the volunteers from the food distribution were cleaning up , a new group of helpers came
to help with the toy shop. A BIG thanks goes out to Lucille, Connie,
Tammi, Lekeshia, Sherri, Pat, and Shirley for transforming the the food bank into a
wonderland of toys in only thirty minutes! It was a Christmas wonderland. God was most certainly in the building.

The doors opened at 1:00 for the sixty-three families that had pre-registered. As folks selected a gift for one child it was wrapped while they continued to search for the right toy to suit their other kids.

We thank Judge Hughes and Annie for working to stock our shelves with tons of wonderful toys. We even had enough toys that we could service an additional twenty-six families before the toy shop had to close.

All in all, 89 families received wrapped presents for every child in their house. We hope this lightened the burden on these struggling families, but more importantly we hope it created a ton of smiles and joy on Christmas morning. We also hope, that these gifts will somehow someday lead these precious children to the Lord

None of this would be possible without the God putting an unstoppable spirit in all of the volunteers.


  1. You have helped so many! thank you

  2. it is great these people are spending their time helping other people.:):) i just cant believe that some people go without food..it is unbelievable!!i think the people that work at the hughes christain outreach are wonderful people..thats what makes this community so great.yall are helping people because it is the right thing to do..:)yall rock!!